Live Sessions: “Change”

Alright, so other than a couple posts here and there, this is something new for my blog. I’m throwing on my hip hop hat and coming to you as themindofdre for this one. Over the last couple years, I feel like I hit my stride when it comes to writing lyrics. Anyway, Live Sessions is a way for me to share some of my music without the hassle of going to the studio to recording something a bit more perfected. That said, my singing is definitely not perfected, but I’m making progress (hopefully). Lyrics Below!

Join together put your hands up
It’s time to stand up
It’s time to child, woman and man up
Cause when we stand up
Maybe we’ll make a change
Unless y’all want to stay the same
Modern day slavery
To the dollar, holla y’all
Outta your goddamn mind
If you think I’mma sit back
And watch inequality
No I’mma be, Muhammad Ali
Saying fuck the mainstream, hey
Say I only want peace, hey
Can we all get a piece, hey
Politicians, do you really care what we say


Middle fingers up, say fuck the mainstream
Fuck the media, fuck the bullshit they be feeding you
On a daily basis
Turn a good man to a racist
Where’s Wallace? Caught in the projects
Oh god it’s
Not 5-0, but a fucked up system, oh no hear I go
Better tell your kids to listen, this is a pivotal time
Who got a criminal mind? Never the pitiful, gotta get a better view I’m
Gonna look right past it bastards I be the righteous pastor laughing at the fact
That not a mother fucking thing could ever hold me back
Cause I got too much soul for all your power and gold
I pour my golden shower in the morning, cause I know
Who’s really profiting, claiming that they got the answer, but they never stopping it
Use your logic, cause the problem’s at the top the food chain
Struggling for a crumb under the table
Rats in the trap, hold a gun to the navel
Brap! Shoot’em in the back
Now who’s the enemy? Bap brap bap brap bap!
We’re living in a trap, we’re living in a trap
Man, that’s a fact
Middle fingers up, say fuck that
Looking for change like a Laundromat
Why?…. Do we believe… In a system deceived… things will never changed
Just look at the face of history, wait
All we need is a question, is there a better way?
Instead of trying to train a better slave

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