Spoken Word Piece: Losing You

Photo Credit: Michelle Brea
Photo Credit: Michelle Brea

Slowly driving down the road, I’m losing you
Beautiful humanity, insanity came confusing you
Losing you to power, choosing who can be the leader
Losing you, losing me, losing is our destiny
Losing fuel to the flames, so the government chooses our fate
Better lose the attitude before we make it police states
Fire tear gas and a bullet in a crowd, losing you
Believing in the system shows you who’s a fool
Losing you to money as a status symbol
Losing you to madness, had to crack the riddle
Losing who I was cause I lacked a little
Perspective, I heard the first lesson was
Losing you until you come back to your senses
This is senseless. Do I have a consensus?
That all this blood shedding never for a second stops losing you to heaven
If it even exists, schooling you, solved the mystery like Scooby Doo
We’re all the reason that I’m losing you

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