Daily Opinion: ISIS Brings Humanity to a Crossroads


As you’re probably aware, France experienced a sobering tragedy when Islamist extremists killed 12 people at Charlie Heebo, a satirical magazine that’s had confrontations with Islamists in the pasts for their depictions of the Prophet Mohammed. Obviously this is a major deal in and of itself, but what I think is more significant is how humanity moves going forward. Given our collective pasts, I’m not so sure this will end in a positive place. At least not immediately.

Wherever there is a belief or an opinion, you will find extremists. They are the ones with the loudest voices and take the strongest actions. Hence the term “extremist.”


The problem is people routinely apply the actions of a few to the whole because it’s easier than judging individuals, which is weird because we all want to be seen as individuals, but some don’t always reciprocate that desire. Right now, we’re at a place where Muslims may be viewed negatively based on this recent event. It’s the same way Americans are often viewed as jerks based on the actions of our government and military. The difference in this instance is we’re not talking about people with a powerhouse of a nation behind them; we’re dealing with a religious belief, which is polarizing in and of itself.

So what’s the next move, humanity? Are we going to start acting like all Islamists are gun-toting avengers? Are we going to fight back? Are we going to cower in fear, never embracing satire again? I personally don’t know, but I do know this: the majority of us are not extremists. Most of us are regular folks just trying to live our lives. This segment of the population, as large as it is, isn’t the one that will take action and stand up against BS like this. We’ll be the ones reading about it in the papers and internet. Unfortunately, that approach is what works in favor of those willing to go the extra mile.

How about the majority of us just say, “enough of this crap” regardless of belief system, race, nationality, gender, sexuality, etc.? Haven’t we had enough?

Haven’t YOU had enough?

Peace out, party people.

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