Live Sessions: “Easy Rider Freestyle”

Welcome to another episode of Live Sessions! This time I’m just spitting a random rhyme I did over Action Bronson’s ‘Easy Rider. Lyrics below:

Y’all don’t wanna see me when I’m in a good mood
Inspired, got the fire inside of my belly, throw‘em up, throw’em up
Bulimic emcees couldn’t stomach me
I take it back in time, had you rocking in your dungarees
Dummy, you’re a mannequin, I’m rambling, my stamina
Is doubled up, my uppercuts will leave you doubled up
On the ropes like a double dutch,
Goddamn! I’m gassed like a Dutch oven
Shoving muh fuckers to the side like a wiper blade
That’s how I stop your reign fall spitting so hard
Venom dripping, now you know how a viper’s made
No dodging, I’m free falling, the beat’s calling me
Apollo Creed, when I rock an emcee
My lines is over the top but never expendable I got
Metaphors for days
A verbal force, raw elemental on the stage, started with the name
Raz turned to prophet turned to soulknowledge
It wasn’t till I left college I became themindofdre
Now I’m on a higher plane
Or better yet I ride the soul train
Don C sipping Don P listening to Killa Army
Tatted on my arm is the symbol of truth
Roots go deep as Kunta Kente in a grave
But I’ll never be a slave or a follower, social media holla
Back vertebrae, click like if you heard of me psych
I’m seeing beyond sight, Panthro got a hold of the sword of omen
Just to get a third eye in the moment
Spoken like a true G
Bougie with my food, but at my heart I’m still a Fugee
Killing me softly, no fuck it, get off me
I’m on fire, you try me, even my lines lie
Stop drop and roll another joint
Breathe it in, breathe it in, be the sin
Breeze on the skin, look below the surface of my epidermis
Past the nervous system, pass the acid tablet bastard
Faster give it to me faster, now I’m blasting off
Rap is just practice
My thoughts are graduated toss the caps with the tassels off

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