What Exactly Are You Suggesting, Google?

kevin spacey

I just started watching House of Cards recently. Little did I know this show was fueled by people’s love for Kevin Spacey and David Fincher projects, but apparently I fit that mold. Seriously, it was green lit due to positive research.

Metrics FTW.

Also, K-Pax FTW.

Anyway, I was speaking to a buddy of mine about the show and he decided to enlighten me on Kevin Spacey’s alleged sexuality.

Andre: Kevin Spacey is one of my favorite actors.

Buddy: You know he’s gay, right?

Andre: Is he? Well, so what?

Buddy: Oh, it’s not a big deal. I just find it funny that he’s tried to deny it all these years. I remember hearing about it back in the 90’s.

Andre: Eh, who cares? Who he has sex with doesn’t affect me.

Still, curiosity, as it often does, struck me. This was a thing since the 90’s? I had to verify this bold claim. I typed the following into Google:

Is Kevin Spacey

Now, I’ve always thought Google was good at suggesting whatever I might be looking for. Google suggested the following:

Is Kevin Spacey dead?

Is Kevin Spacey democrat?

Is Kevin Spacey in Call of Duty?

Nothing about him being gay. Well, that’s debunked! Or was it? I added one crucial letter, but the only suggestion I got back was…

Is Kevin Spacey good actor?

LOL. Grammar FTW.

I decided to finish typing in the rest of my search and I was flooded with tons of results about my favorite actor. Apparently my friend was right. At least about the rumors, that is. I didn’t care about the results though as I was more interested in Google’s suggestions. So I tried something else…

Is Obama

You know what one of the suggestions was?

Is Obama gay 2014?

Whoa, Google even suggested the year that Obama may or may not have been gay. That’s just weirdly specific.

So what’s up Google?  Personally don’t care about anyone’s sexuality specifically, but your suggestions are just… questionable sometimes. I mean, the internet has poked fun at your suggestions for a while now, but with this as well as you ranking the “truthfulness” of sites… I don’t know, man.

It’s all suspect. Sure, this is a small, silly example, but I put almost no effort into this and I found a weird discrepancy. What about more important topics? Will Google actually provide good suggestions? Will they promote “truthful” sites? Who the hell actually knows? I’d be stupid to say I do.

But I do know one thing: Kevin Spacey is effing awesome regardless of what a search engine tells me.

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