Friday Procrastination Links


Happy Friday! I’ve been lazy as hell this week, but it’s mostly been because life is about to make a shift for me. Though life is always shifting, isn’t it? Here’s something to BS the rest of your Friday. Sit back and relax. You deserve it!

Dropping Knowledge Video of the Week : Sam Harris – The Self Is an Illusion

Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank

Music of the Week

Random Links
xkcd: What if One Person Had All the World’s Money?
IFLScience: Are Chimps Natural Born Killers? (A lot of parallels to human society I notice)

Awesome WordPress Posts
The $10 Start Up: What Is Luxury?
Harsh Reality: WordPress – The Truth About SEO
M. B. Watson: A Tragedy in Song – “Hot Nigga” by Bobby Shmurda

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Past Life Tourist
The Aspirational Agnostic
Big Red Carpet Nursing
Ryan Lanz
Harsh Reality

Fortune Cookie: Belief is one of the most powerful things known to humankind. Something so powerful should be questioned from time to time.

Friday Procrastination Links: Giant Spider Dogs and 3D Printed Castles

Thanks to everyone for the support this week! I’ve gotten some great feedback on my blog and hope to keep this going! You guys are awesome! That said, TGIF!

‘Anything’ by tonotmissthebliss (Cool little poem)

AppSumo breaks down the You Need a Budget app (Props to my buddy Chris for the find)

This guy made a concrete 3D printed castle (Anyone who thinks 3D printing isn’t the future is fooling themselves)

Awesome mathematical GIFS (And an animated font?)

Men say ‘Uh’, women say ‘Um’ (Guilty as charged)

Dress your dog up as a giant spider and scare the hell out of people (Props to Niri for this)

Check out this guy’s blog. Very deep thinker and seems like an all-around good guy (And the name Third World Royalty is awesome)

Feel good song of the day (I’m a sucker for this type of singing voice)

Futurama/Simpson mashup episode (I would have loved this 10 years ago)

Peace out, party people.

Friday Procrastination Links: Writing Everyday and Dog Pool Parties


Happy Friday, party people!

I originally intended to have a link section at the bottom of every Sunday post, but if you’re like me, Fridays are a chance to wind down the week and squeeze in some good ol’ fashioned procrastination. Relax and enjoy the randomness!

How I Kept a 373-Day Productivity Streak Unbroken (Some inspiration for my writers out there!)

This Is What A ‘Pool Pawty’ At A Dog Daycare Center Looks Like (How to cool a hot dog… har har har)

Panda Fakes Pregnancy To Get More Food (I might do the same in her position)

Persist (A game with awesome music)

Real-Time Face Tracking and Projection Mapping to Create Digital Makeup and Effects (Just press play and enjoy)

Nikki Jean & Patty Crash – Sedate Me (This is a super old favorite of mine [2007?!?!]. There’s a quiet beauty to it)

One Woman’s Take on the Being a Creative (Short but sweet video)

Brian Hiltz Is an Awesome Photographer (Check out his seascapes photos)

23 Beloved Street Art Photos – May 2014 – July 2014! (I still love the hell out of street art)

Giuseppe Colarusso’s Improbable Objects (Ice cube candles and speedometer watches)