The Ramblings Podcast: Episode 22 – A Whole Lot of Television, Buzzfeed, and Why Media is What it is Today


I had a few topics I wanted to talk about, but instead Leaf and I discuss, television, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, American Horror Story, CSI, Law and Order, Chopped, Gordon Ramsay, reality television, competition, sports, Buzzfeed, internet media, and the dumbing down of entertainment. My conclusion is Leaf is an angry old man. Enjoy!

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The Ramblings Podcast: Episode 21 – Dre’s Girlfriend, Cats and Dogs (AGAIN?!), and Independent Creativity

Dre and Tea

Okay, let’s see if we can get this finalized. Because there are other podcasts I want to do, this is now just The Ramblings Podcast. I’ll be solo only on weeks when Leaf can’t record. Otherwise, we’ll be splitting our recordings into two podcasts weekly! This week: Dre’s girlfriend, dogs, cats, blogging, YouTube, Buzzfeed, Facebook, and more. Enjoy!

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The Sunday Ramblings Podcast: Episode 2 – Cats, Dogs, and a Plan to Change the World


Alright, so this was meant to be released on Sunday, but I’ve been busy with my girlfriend’s recent move. Because of this, the length of the podcast is a whopping 2 hours! Sure, it’s a lot to digest, but it’s the only episode this week. Leaf and I talk about True Blood, being pet owners, and how we can possibly change the world for the better. Enjoy!

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Sunday Ramblings Podcast with Luis aka Leaf: Episode 1

So I like the direction of my podcast (though I’m going to make a conscious effort to stop saying ‘you know’ and ‘like’ because that kills me) but I like conversation. So every Sunday I’ll be posting a longer form podcast where a guest and I can tackle several topics. This episode is with my boy Luis who will likely be my most regular guest. Hope you enjoy!

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