Thinkington: Episode 2 – Paterson Beautiful Aims to Make Paterson Beautiful

I didn’t have a guest for this week’s episode so I’d like to talk about a project I want to start called Paterson Beautiful. Paterson, New Jersey is an area that once had many jobs and industries, but things fell off after WWII. How can we work together to make this a city of prominence once more? Maybe this is a possible answer.

Previously: Fallon Chan (Photography, Blogging, Crafts)

Thinkington: Episode 1 – Fallon Chan (Photography, Blogging, Crafts)

What’s up, everyone? In an effort to make use of my Andre Griffiths YouTube channel, I’d like to introduce a new weekly video series called Thinkington. Each Monday I will interview someone who is doing something creative, has a new idea, or has a new startup/project/organization. Basically, I want to showcase interesting and talented people. Today’s episode features Fallon Chan, a photographer, blogger and crafter. We talk about how she got her start, her work being published with the NY Historical Society, and more!

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