The Ramblings Podcast: Episode 39 – My Girlfriend Is a Coconut

The Ramblings Podcast: Episode 39 - My Girlfriend Is a Coconut

After taking some time off from podcasting and blogging, I’m back with another episode of The Ramblings Podcast! My Girlfriend joins me as we discuss the book she’s writing, global racism, adoption, and class issues. You know, after all these serious topics, I think Thursday’s episode will be a lot more lighthearted. For now, enjoy as we drop some knowledge!

Run time: 41:07

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The Ramblings Podcast: Episode 37 – Making Sense of a Post-Ferguson America

The Ramblings Podcast: Episode 37 - Making Sense of a Post-Ferguson America

My girlfriend and I discuss the chaos that’s going on and America’s focus on the wrong issues when it comes to Ferguson, Eric Garner, and the connection between race relations and crime/poverty. Oh in look at that, it didn’t take an hour this time!

Run time: 25:56

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The Ramblings Podcast: Episode 36 – The Roots of Conflict

The Ramblings Podcast: Episode 36 - The Roots of Conflict

Argh! This is a last minute recording because the audio on my last on was lost! After a post-Thanksgiving break, I’m back with a vengeance, party people! I want to get down to the roots of conflict and explain why I refuse to participate in negative conflict ever again. Communication is key, folks.

Run time: 13:55

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Do People Actually Want Conversation or Do They Just Want to be Right?


Bob: I think anyone who criticizes America is a horrible human being! That’s just unforgivable!
Andre: Really? I wouldn’t say it’s an unforgivable act. Maybe you should just listen to their reasons.
Bob:  You’re wrong! And stupid!
Bob’s Opinion: You tell’em, Bob!
Andre: Well, what makes you feel that way?
Bob: I don’t need to validate myself to you.
Bob’s Opinion: Damn straight!
Andre: Er, okay. Why can’t we have a conversation about this?
Bob’s Opinion: Don’t do it, Bob. Don’t do it. Remember, this guy is wrong AND stupid.
Bob: Whatever, man. I don’t have time for this.
Jill: Don’t waste your breath on Bob. He’s an asshole. What do you expect from a man?
Andre: Wait, what? But I’m a man…
Jill’s Opinion: He’s probably an asshole too. He’s just like the rest of them.
Jill: Men are the reason for all the problems in this world.
Tom: No, niggers and Jews are!
Tom’s Opinion: Yeah! Just like Dad always said!
Andre: Hold on a second here…
Tom’s Opinion: He’s one of them! Don’t listen to his nigger words! They’re probably filled with explicit rap lyrics and calls for welfare.
Jill’s Opinion: Typical men. All they do is attack each other.
Mark: The white man is the devil. All he’s done is cause destruction and pain.
Mark’s Opinion: That’s a fact.
Andre: I don’t know… Steve Carell has brought me nothing but joy. In my heart, no less.
Mark’s Opinion: Sellout.
Bob’s Opinion: Commie.
Tom’s Opinion: Nigger.
Jill’s Opinion: Misogynist.

Although this is a fictitious conversation, this based on individual conversations I’ve had with people both in-person and online. Crazy thing is, in all of those instances, it seemed as if the people were more concerned about being right than actually coming to any kind of conclusion.

Too often we confuse opinion with fact. And trust me, there are far less facts than there are opinions in this world. Just because that inner monologue of yours says something is true, doesn’t mean it’s right. Because realistically, if everyone thinks they are right, who is actually wrong? There’s that idea of false dualism again.

How much is your opinion worth?

Peace out, party people.