Daily Opinion: Life Is Awesome if You Have a Deadline

Photo Credit: Erik Fitzpatrick
Photo Credit: Erik Fitzpatrick

What would you do if you only had five years left to live?

Yesterday I found out this guy named Monty Oum died a couple weeks ago. You probably don’t know him and he certainly didn’t know I knew of him. He made an animated video a number of years ago called Haloid where the protagonists from the videogames Metroid and Halo fought each other. The fight choreography was nothing short of sublime so I became an instant fan.

I followed Monty as he created increasingly impressive independent projects. After he moved on from that I continued to keep tabs on him as he dove into animation gigs for video games. He finally ended up at a company called Rooster Tooth where he brought his style to an already popular video series called Red vs. Blue.

I randomly searched for him yesterday because… who knows? Sometimes I get a thought and I just roll with it. I found out Monty got to develop his own original series with Rooster Tooth called RWBY. I also found out he died of an allergic reaction to a standard medical procedure.

Bam, dead at 33.

Still, to me it seemed like Oum led a pretty kick ass life. From what I remember of the guy, he was obsessed with anime, fight choreography, and dance, things that inspired him to the eventual creation of his passion project. Even if he only got to enjoy it until the no so ripe old age of 33, the dude still lived his dream.

What would you do if you only had five years left to live? Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d be doing the exact same thing I’m doing right now. I have a bad case of tunnel vision, y’all. I have my eyes set on the life I want to live and no one can stop me. It’s not like I want much; I just want a happy, chill life with my wife-to-be, away from all the stress I used to have. Oh yeah, and the dog too. If I knew I had only five years left to live, the only difference would be I’d walk around knowing when my time is up.

Most of us live as if tomorrow probably isn’t our last day. But if you knew it would be your last day, I bet you’d be living life differently to some degree. Maybe you’d travel somewhere. Maybe you’d spend time with loved ones. Maybe you’d just spend some time reflecting. My point is why would anyone want to live otherwise? Is being unaware of when we’re going to die an invitation to only kind of live the life you want? Yes, yes, I know; not everyone has the opportunity to do what they want. But if you do, do it. Because who knows? You may only have five years left to live.

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Essay: The Day I Admitted My Feelings for God


My parents sent me to Catholic school after I got in trouble for talking too much in class. I suppose I should be grateful; my father wanted to send me to military school instead.

Jamaican parents, amirite?

The other perk of having some old school Jamaican parents was being sent to Baptist Sunday school.

Oddly enough, they never actually baptized me. Maybe I didn’t bear the mark of original sin.

Water conservation FTW.

I remember those Sunday school classes being downright torture. I sat and listened to a woman read the BIBLE. Silence isn’t as boring as that. This isn’t knocking the holy book or anything. All I’m saying is outside of the major stories everyone knows, the Bible is a total snoozefest.

Or bats**t crazy like Deuteronomy.

Back then, I remembered being scared as hell of… er… hell. Fire and brimstone forever? Screw that. I accidentally touched a hot iron back then. I couldn’t imagine that feeling FOREVER. I’d sooner endure an eternity of Sunday school.

But make no mistake about it; I’d have to think long and hard about that one.

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Positivity of the Week – Everything Will Be Okay

Photo Credit: John Willis
Photo Credit: John Willis

I had a phone conversation with a friend of mine on Friday.

Remember those?

She’s at a crossroads in her life where she is conflicted between following a passion and working purely for money. On top of that, she’s trying to pick a particular passion on which to focus. I know how tough this is because I was there myself.

Here’s the thing: we have little to no control over our decisions. Sure, it feels like we do, but our actions are a product of our experiences. Think about it; would you think the way you do now if had a different life? Different parents? Different friends.

So on and so forth.

What you do have control over is how you view your choices and situation. Do you want to be positive or negative? Your current choice will still be the same, but your state of mind will lead you to either more positivity or more negativity. Otherwise, all we know is that one day we won’t exist in our current physical forms. This is the case if you believe in reincarnation, heaven, or nothingness after death. What does that mean?

Everything will be okay.

No matter how hard you try, your life will be your life and you are driven forward by your experiences. One day you won’t. It’s easier said than done, but what’s the point of having a whole inner struggle about it? The same thing will happen at the end of the day: you will make a choice and your life will continue accordingly. That choice might suck and it could be “bad”, but you’ll never know until you make it. But at the end of the day, all you can do is enjoy the ride an, hopefully, maintain a positive outlook.

Otherwise life might just be that much more of a downer if you don’t.

Have a great week, party people!

Today Feels Like the Last Day of My Life


Last night I got the distinct feeling that I was coming upon the last day of my life.

Not that I think I’m going to physically die or anything. Far from it. I just feel that I am going to make a major change from the person I am currently.

Sort of in the same way I feel like a completely different person from who I was in college. I can’t even identify with that version of me. I don’t remember what drove him. It’s all a dream.

Hell, even the jaded version of me that worked in an office everyday feels like a distant memory. It, for all intents and purposes, feels like a previous life.

These past few months have also felt like a life that began with unemployment and ends with the arrival of my girlfriend. I was like a child during the first few weeks of my unemployment. I wanted to do anything and everything. Once I exhausted my savings, the responsibilities of this world settled in and I was once again burdened by the expectations of society. I felt this way for much of my 20’s and early 30’s.

Today feels like my death is imminent.

I couldn’t be more excited.

For me, dying just signifies change. We’ve all died many times. The young man who had a chip on his shoulder and something to prove to the corporate world is dead. That guy taught me a lot.

Who says reincarnation isn’t real?

This post might be a little out there for some people, but just know that I cannot wait to see what new successes and failures I have in my new life  And when I do physically expire, don’t mourn for me. Because I’ll be just as excited to see what comes next.

Death is no more certain than the very next second after the present moment.

Peace out, party people.