Guest Post: My Girlfriend on Leaving Sweden for Love


Why am I moving in with Dre and how do I feel about doing so?

I am not moving to Dre in the hopes of getting taken care of the rest of my life by a wealthy man. Reading his blog, you all know that he is far from living such a life or ever wanting such a thing, yet I´m still here after all these months. I can also tell you when adding up the cost for all of this it will not be a cheap adventure for me. I’ve not asked for any help from Dre with this and I would never accept any either!

Neither am I doing this in the hopes of getting pregnant, married and getting into the US that way. First of all, I don´t think I ever want children and when it comes to marriage, well, that’s something I might want in the future but not now. (Also the Visa I have doesn’t allow any such thing – so don’t you worry guys, no running off to Vegas for us haha)

So why am I doing this? I´m not getting anything out of it per say and for all I know Dre might be an axe murderer (Editor’s Note: Little does she know… muahahaha). After all, I am a single woman traveling to a man in the US. What can I do, sic my little lapdog on him? Ha!

I´m simply doing this out of love – because of the strong connection I feel with him.

I’ve always had a strong opinion of who my family is; it’s the people who raised me, not the people who biologically created me. What I never felt though is a strong attachment to Sweden as a county to live in (but damn if any other county beats us in any sports haha). What I´m getting at is no matter where in the world, Dre is MY home. He has always given me that feeling, a sense of finding home, and that’s why I´m not nervous at all about traveling there or about how things will turn out between us when I am there.

I know everything will be fine.

Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Peace out, party people.

Tracking My Progress: Week 3 – Making Moves!

Happy Sunday! Week 3 has had a lot of ups and one or two downs. I took a big risk and declined a well-paying job because I knew it would eat all my time.

Also, I’ve been actively trying to avoid the trap of a traditional full-time job. Remember, being rich isn’t my goal. HAPPINESS is the goal. Hopefully the same goes for you.


  • Scheduling my work has helped somewhat, but I need to start sleeping at somewhat regular hours in order for it to stick. I’m thinking about adopting more naps to see if that’ll help rather than a regular sleep session.
  • Freelance writing work has been good, but I need to keep it up this week because one of my steady gigs doesn’t have anything for me yet.
  • I have an option to convert to full-time at my part-time job next month. If that happens, any money I make from freelance writing can go into savings and building side businesses so I can eventually quit the full-time gig.

Income Results

  • Target Daily Income Goal: $100
  • Week 2 Daily Income: $60
  • Week 3 Daily Income: $68
  • Week 3 Daily Income Goal: $67
  • Week 4 Daily Income Goal: $100

Here’s the thing, I made it a dollar over my daily goal without working on Monday (Labor Day) or Tuesday (job interview). Not too shabby I’d say.So screw it; I’m going to throw caution to the wind and see if I can indeed average $100 a day this week. Realistically, I think I can average $150 per day if I really hustle, but again, this isn’t about me being rich. I just want to make my bills an after thought so I can pursue my dreams.

  • Part-time job: $47 per day minimum (sometimes I do more hours)
  • Freelance writing: $53 per day minimum

Okay, this is totally doable. Last week I actually focused on trying to make $100 a day from some of my writing jobs because that’ll allow me to work hard some days and be a lazy bum on others. Either way, I’m pretty confident about achieving this. Once I do I’m going to raise my goal so I can focus on saving and building a side business.

Bam. A little persistence and the right circumstances go a long way.

Business Building

I had a different goal for building a business when I was younger. I wanted to come up with something that would get me that Bill Gates money so I can do my Dame Dash dance on a boat with Jay-Z.


God, I was stupid in my 20’s.

Nowadays, I look at business as a way to cover my expenses which are not much. I would have no problem providing something of quality for an affordable price. If I ever grew a business to the point where I’d need employees, why would I need to make more than my expenses and the little amount I’d want to save? That money should go to the people actually doing the work.

Wait, you mean capitalism can be implemented in a fair way?

I’m working on a business idea (a product, not a service) with one of my buddies. I’ll share it when the time is right, but hopefully it will be something that also spreads a positive message.

Final Thoughts

Week 3 was a confidence booster, but I can’t get complacent. There will always be obstacles that get in my way; I can’t let myself be one of them.

Now is the time to start learning how to use my money efficiently. I’ve said time and time again that I am as anti-capitalist as it gets, but I have to play the game. For now at least. So it’s time to learn about using my money to build a business.

Peace out, party people.

Awesome Articles and Resources
This Guy Makes $100 a Day Using iWriter (A little cheap for my blood, but I’ going to use it as a backup option) 
TripleCurve (Where I make most of my content mill writing money. If you’re good they’ll put you on a number of projects)
Selling on Instagram

Tracking My Progress: Week 2 – Continued Growth and Poor Time Management


Happy Sunday! Week 2 has been pretty decent, but I need to do better. I have an extremely bad habit of procrastinating like there’s no tomorrow before finally settling into work. This leads to unnecessarily long nights and less productivity.

Screw that.

Time to train myself to do work earlier in the day, I suppose.

Improvements to Make

  • I have a lot of projects I’m juggling. I’ve gotten some friendly advice from fellow blogger, Alphonso Giam ( to slow down and focus on fewer projects. I definitely don’t advise anyone take on the amount of projects on which I’m working. The problem is I can lose interest in something very quickly so having a number of active projects actually keeps me focused. I just need to be meticulous in the way that I manage my work time while catering to my ADD. Here’s the system I’m trying this week.
    • Sundays are dedicated to prepping blog posts and podcasts (nothing different here).
    • I’m most inspired either when I first wake up or late at night. Therefore I will be writing for my Zen Hacked book for 90 minutes each day right after I wake up. If I’m not inspired to write for Zen Hacked, I’ll write for my untitled fiction book. If neither of those can hold my attention, I’ll write a spoken word piece (maybe I’ll compile those into a book too). [6am-7:30am]
    • After writing, I will spend two hours working on daily to-do’s (unless I get a full-time job). [8am-10am]
    • I need to spend two hours a day searching for freelance gigs [10am-12pm]
    • I’m involving a collaborator for each of my projects in order to relieve my amount of solo work.
    • Going forward, evenings are reserved for paid writing work.

I came up a little short on my daily income goal for this week, but that was my own fault. I slacked off a couple days more than I should have. I won’t be making that mistake again.

Income Results

  • Target Daily Income Goal: $100
  • Week 1 Daily Income: $58
  • Week 2 Daily Income: $60
  • Week 2 Daily Income Goal: $63.8
  • Week 3 Daily Income Goal: $67

My non-income projects have been doing decently. I’ve had the steadiest week of blog traffic since I’ve started and I saw growth in both visitors and views. Thanks so much because I couldn’t do it without you!


Project Highlights

  • Like I said before, this week has been better in terms of traffic. The number of weekly visitors increased 44.3%. That’s pretty awesome, but not mind-blowing when you consider I’m relatively small. Still, it’s a victory and it highlights how a few tweaks can help traffic.
  • Ouch. I totally made no progress here. This is purely because of bad time management last Sunday. This won’t be an issue this week.
  • #PatersonBeautiful: This is my last new project I’m taking on and it’s purely a way for me to express a bit of creativity while showing a different side of the tow in which I was raised for much of my life. It also gets me using Instagram.
  • Dre’s Ramblings Podcast: Still going strong. I started adding an iTunes link to each of my posts. I’ll let you know how it goes!
  • Books: Progress sucked. Hence the schedule modification.

Final Thoughts

Week 2 was decent, but not where I want to be. This is going to take some discipline to maximize my efforts without feeling as if I’m burning myself out. Sundays are the biggest factor.

I have a job interview on Wednesday. If I pull this job, my strategy will be forced to change and I’ll have to scale back on the amount I’m doing. It’s not my ideal scenario, but I can make the most out of it.

Lemons into lemonade and all that jazz.

I hope someone benefits from what I’m putting together here. This post wasn’t full of a ton of tips, but I have some useful links for anyone looking to try anything I’m doing. I do, however, have one tip for bloggers: support each other. I’ve met some super friendly people in the short time I’ve been doing this and everyone has advice and experience to share. If we work together, everyone wins to some extent.

But that might just be the hippie in me speaking.

Let me know what you think! I’m always up for a discussion so drop a comment! Good luck!

Peace out, party people.

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My Journey Toward Financial Freedom: The Hunt for Freelance Writing Gigs


Thus far, I’ve been less than spectacular at growing my writing career.  I went the typical route of grabbing any bottom-of-the-barrel Craigslist post on which I could get my oh-so-desperate hands.

Sorry, Craigslist, but you know it’s true.

After seeing some minor success last week, it’s time to kick this writing career into high gear. Here’s how I’m starting off:

Embracing My Strengths
I’m a self-proclaimed jack of all trades. I like dabbling in a lot of areas, but I tend to have a few strengths on which I can lean.

If only I could maintain a career writing about old episodes of The Cosby Show. #dreamjob

However, I’ve been limiting my potential by assuming I’m not good enough to blog about certain topics.

What are you doing, Andre?

What can it hurt to try? I’m just going to prioritize the types of blogs I pitch.

  1. Humor/Entertainment
  2. Technology
  3. Writing
  4. MMA
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Art/Design/Photography
  7. Food and Drink
  8. Music

Paid Guest Blogging
One of the first thing I did was sign up to an email list with to get their Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs. I found other sources, but this one is cool because it gives a breakdown of types of blogs, pay, and content. I could just share the PDF, but that’d be stepping on someone else’s hustle. Go support the site; they have good content.

Many of these blogs still require a pitch. Just because I write something doesn’t mean it’s going to be accepted. This means I need to reach out to at least 5 sites a day. Here are some other decent resources I found. Maybe I’ll keep a running list or something.

If no one else uses it, at least I will.

Here are some other options that might work for you:

Listverse – Compose a list for $100. Must be 1500 words minimum.
PostJoint – If you’re familiar with digital marketing, SEO, social media, etc., pitch an article! You’ll get $100-$200 per post if accepted.
WritersWeekly – Wait, a blog about freelance writing? And they accept guest posts? This is a no-brainer. You’ll get $60 per 600-word article.
YourOnline – $100 an article. Read on for details.

Okay, yeah, I found a lot of sites. I’ll just compose a list and post it. I’ll shoot for this weekend.

Content Mills
Ugh… Content mills.

Most of these are a waste of time because they demand a lot of brainless writing for minimal monetary gain. There are still some good ones out there and they are key if you have a daily goal you want to meet.

Or, you know, you need to pay rent.

These are some of the better ones I started using:


Start Networking!
Anyone who knows me personally knows I always introduce people to others. But what’s a starving writer to do when there’s no one to crack open that potential relationship.

Stop waiting! Just reach out!

Okay, to be fair, I haven’t actually started doing this myself yet, but that is what I plan on doing this week. I’m not shy, so why am i sitting on my ass when there’s a whole community of bloggers that are waiting to connect?

The thing is this: I’m not assuming anything by connecting with others. Realistically, I’m here to learn as well; I know there are others who have been at this longer than me, so if all all I get is a bit of a dialogue, I’m a happy man. Meeting new writers is always awesome.

That said, it never hurts to ask if there are opportunities. Don’t just blindly do this. I’m only going to ask about guest blogging opportunities if I’m familiar with the site’s content and I’m an active reader.

Give some of those a shot. I’ll always provide more information as I learn. Hopefully, these help you as much as they’ve helped me. I’ll also share some non-writing revenue opportunities soon.

In the meantime, it’s a new week and I’m ready to be better than I was yesterday!

Let’s do this!

Peace out, party people.