Peek’s Picks: Hello Hubs Is a Community-Built and Owned Internet Kiosk

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Aric and I met briefly this Sunday and he tossed this gem my way. Hello Hubs is a community contributed project that builds internet kiosks that also act as an educational resource. Each terminal has access to 24-hour WiFi and up to four people can be seated at once. Additionally, there is a workbench for maintenance and repair of the hub.

This is an awesome idea and shows the power of cooperation. Why can’t we organize like this more often? Think of the greatness we could achieve instead of the pain we create by being adversaries. Support this endeavor!


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Peek’s Picks: Bluemix Is an Open-Source, Cloud-Based Development Platform

Peek's Picks

Aric randomly sent me a link to IBM Bluemix the other day. Bluemix is a cloud-based, open-source development platform with pretty awesome services provided by IBM.

For example, do you know Wat-

Wait, before I continue there are no Sherlock Holmes jokes allowed, damn it. We’re better than that.

Ehem, do you know Watson? It’s IBM’s technology that processes information closer to humans than machines by interpreting natural language. Cool, right? Well, there are Watson services for Bluemix that lets developers build cognitive apps. That means possibilities for language identification, on-the-fly relationship extraction, and maybe even some advanced AI in your apps.

Sign up for a 30-day free trial today; no credit card needed.


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Daily Opinion: Obama Is Keeping the Warez Free! Er, I Mean, He’s for Net Neutrality… Huzzah!


My poor girlfriend isn’t feeling well. As she rests in bed, I’m in the living room posting this to the blog you/someone/anyone is hopefully reading. But I wonder how different my experience as a home employee would be if we lost the battle for net neutrality.


As much as I criticize him, Obama is sticking up for net neutrality, saying we should be treating the internet as a utility rather than the likely tiered quality-based system cable companies are itching to adopt. The whole topic got me thinking about what we’re losing if we net neutrality dies. I think we’ll impede our progress with technology.

Think about it this way, if the masses can’t afford the best internet speed because cable companies charge a premium for them, technology will need to be throttled as well in order to put itself in the best position to appeal to the masses. Makes sense right? Think your Xbox Live experience would be as good? What about streaming videos from your cell phone? You get the point.

This is one on which to keep your eyes, people. This issue hasn’t remained on people’s tongues for no reason at all; cable companies want dat money.

Surprise, surprise.

So we should keep this one at the forefronts of our minds. Corporations already have far too much control and we willingly let them have it for the sake of consumerism and comfort. Make your voice heard about this matter. The future, as always, is at stake.

Peace out, party people.

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Peek’s Picks: The Internet Wishlist Is a Wall of Inspiration

Peek's Picks

The Great Aric Peek does it again. Last week he sent me a link to The Internet Wishlist ( It sounds like such a basic concept, but it’s a bit genius as well. It’s simply a wall where people post ideas for apps and websites. Imagine that, a site where potential entrepreneurs and developers can simply pluck ideas from a source to which people are voluntarily submitting. It’s pretty awesome.

If you want to add an idea to the wishlist, spit it out on Twitter and use #theiwl. But be (hopefully) innovative because they’re selective.

You know, I’ve been slacking on my 100 Days/100 Ideas posts. Mostly because it’s tougher than I thought to constantly come up with (hopefully) innovative (more or less) new ideas. I’ll be using these as backup. All credit is due to the posters as well. I just want to share awesome ideas.

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