Peek’s Picks: Song Exploder Brings You into the Minds of Musicians


Alrighty, let’s make this quick because I totally need to run and get some groceries. Aric just dropped this one on me yesterday. No, it’s not some new technology or something to bring good to mankind, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Song Exploder is a podcast where, in their words, musicians (from many genres) take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. It’s a pretty awesome idea if you’re a music junkie like me. Give it a shot!

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Live Sessions: “Easy Rider Freestyle”

Welcome to another episode of Live Sessions! This time I’m just spitting a random rhyme I did over Action Bronson’s ‘Easy Rider. Lyrics below:

Y’all don’t wanna see me when I’m in a good mood
Inspired, got the fire inside of my belly, throw‘em up, throw’em up
Bulimic emcees couldn’t stomach me
I take it back in time, had you rocking in your dungarees
Dummy, you’re a mannequin, I’m rambling, my stamina
Is doubled up, my uppercuts will leave you doubled up
On the ropes like a double dutch,
Goddamn! I’m gassed like a Dutch oven
Shoving muh fuckers to the side like a wiper blade
That’s how I stop your reign fall spitting so hard
Venom dripping, now you know how a viper’s made
No dodging, I’m free falling, the beat’s calling me
Apollo Creed, when I rock an emcee
My lines is over the top but never expendable I got
Metaphors for days
A verbal force, raw elemental on the stage, started with the name
Raz turned to prophet turned to soulknowledge
It wasn’t till I left college I became themindofdre
Now I’m on a higher plane
Or better yet I ride the soul train
Don C sipping Don P listening to Killa Army
Tatted on my arm is the symbol of truth
Roots go deep as Kunta Kente in a grave
But I’ll never be a slave or a follower, social media holla
Back vertebrae, click like if you heard of me psych
I’m seeing beyond sight, Panthro got a hold of the sword of omen
Just to get a third eye in the moment
Spoken like a true G
Bougie with my food, but at my heart I’m still a Fugee
Killing me softly, no fuck it, get off me
I’m on fire, you try me, even my lines lie
Stop drop and roll another joint
Breathe it in, breathe it in, be the sin
Breeze on the skin, look below the surface of my epidermis
Past the nervous system, pass the acid tablet bastard
Faster give it to me faster, now I’m blasting off
Rap is just practice
My thoughts are graduated toss the caps with the tassels off

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Live Sessions: “Change”

Alright, so other than a couple posts here and there, this is something new for my blog. I’m throwing on my hip hop hat and coming to you as themindofdre for this one. Over the last couple years, I feel like I hit my stride when it comes to writing lyrics. Anyway, Live Sessions is a way for me to share some of my music without the hassle of going to the studio to recording something a bit more perfected. That said, my singing is definitely not perfected, but I’m making progress (hopefully). Lyrics Below!

Join together put your hands up
It’s time to stand up
It’s time to child, woman and man up
Cause when we stand up
Maybe we’ll make a change
Unless y’all want to stay the same
Modern day slavery
To the dollar, holla y’all
Outta your goddamn mind
If you think I’mma sit back
And watch inequality
No I’mma be, Muhammad Ali
Saying fuck the mainstream, hey
Say I only want peace, hey
Can we all get a piece, hey
Politicians, do you really care what we say


Middle fingers up, say fuck the mainstream
Fuck the media, fuck the bullshit they be feeding you
On a daily basis
Turn a good man to a racist
Where’s Wallace? Caught in the projects
Oh god it’s
Not 5-0, but a fucked up system, oh no hear I go
Better tell your kids to listen, this is a pivotal time
Who got a criminal mind? Never the pitiful, gotta get a better view I’m
Gonna look right past it bastards I be the righteous pastor laughing at the fact
That not a mother fucking thing could ever hold me back
Cause I got too much soul for all your power and gold
I pour my golden shower in the morning, cause I know
Who’s really profiting, claiming that they got the answer, but they never stopping it
Use your logic, cause the problem’s at the top the food chain
Struggling for a crumb under the table
Rats in the trap, hold a gun to the navel
Brap! Shoot’em in the back
Now who’s the enemy? Bap brap bap brap bap!
We’re living in a trap, we’re living in a trap
Man, that’s a fact
Middle fingers up, say fuck that
Looking for change like a Laundromat
Why?…. Do we believe… In a system deceived… things will never changed
Just look at the face of history, wait
All we need is a question, is there a better way?
Instead of trying to train a better slave

Spoken Word Piece: Thoughts About Us

Photo Credit: GabPRR
Photo Credit: GabPRR

Alright, I started on a piece for today, but couldn’t think of a good way to end it off yet. For now, here’s another verse I wrote to Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit A.” Don’t expect perfect grammar with this one, folks; I make sacrifices for the musical aspect!

My mom and pops said that they wanted a better life for me
Holding it over my head like I owe’em, no I don’t, I’m exposing
The difference between, what you expect and what I’m giving
Can you see, 20/20, I’m living a dream
Leaning on a star while making love my queen
Letting our powers combine, Captain Planet on the scene
And yet, everybody wanna question and keep guessing
If the psychedelics made a mess of my noggin
While mother f***ers are dying in Compton
Palestinian wars, of course it’s easier to turn away from a problem
Or a probable cause, f*** it, do you know who you are?
You try to find it with a shot at the bar
You try to find it with a good paying job
You’re a manager, a thug, or even a superstar
Caught up in the hype, moths circling around a light bulb
Hash tagging addicts couldn’t add it to the right sum
Y’all can live in probability, I thrive in possibility
Never confined my mind embraced infinity
Combined my inner beast with inner peace and made harmony
It’s the first of the month, but 4/20 is still calling me

Put your hands up, baby put your hands up
None of y’all the boss of me, word to Tony Danza
It’s all inside of your head, but my reality said
Just settle down, because the crown is an illusion
Confusing all of the fools, trying to prove that
It’s me versus you and, it’s like Patrick Ewing
Getting dunked on by Michael Jordan making the crowd say oh and
Ahslamalakum my muslum brothers, Jamaica to Haiti
Wonder how I got the eyes of Stevie Wonder
Because I’m blind to the color lines
Dividing minds so never mind, this is the present time
F*** the past, can we all laugh about it
Cause we all made mistakes, is it that hard to have a fresh start
But we stand on opposite sides of right and wrong
Claiming we should be standing on the other side
Got it twisted like the number 9 times 11
But one is flipped on its head, the feeling is so perfection
It’s the yin and yang s*** they even preach it in the bible
Love your fellow man and woman, f*** a rival, or a rifle, or a fist,
Unless it’s up and stands for righteousness, listen up as I’m writing this
Mom and dad I’m trying to have a better life right now
I got my wife now, and my triple eye sight now, so y’all can pipe down
With all the negativity killing me softly, never again
I only want the best for all of y’all, I never pretend to be
Anything other than me, myself and I, like De La
Can you tell I span flavor beyond chocolate and vanilla
Fuck the black and white bullshit
Peace is the dream, but even Martin caught a bullet

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The Ramblings Podcast: Episode 33 – Just a Little Verse I Wrote

The Ramblings Podcast: Episode 33 - Just a Little Verse I Wrote

Today’s a different kind of podcast; I’m just performing a verse that I wrote a couple years back. Can a brotha get six minutes of your time? Six minutes! Anyway, I have it on YouTube also if you want to check it out. Enjoy! (lyrics below)

Run time: 6:00

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I’m rising from the gutter mother fuckers
A cut above’em like Jason who’s hunting your former lover
Who’s hiding under the covers, nothing will even faze him
The faces he’s seen chasing some semblance of a dream
Me, the mind of, kind of an animal
Always seeking some beef, just check it inside my mandible
Bone structure will damage you, Amadau, I don’t give a fuck
Take eight of my fingers, and I will gladly give’em up
Point the remaining ones at everybody I hated
And even some loved ones claiming that I’m the greatest
But I’m not, I’m just another grain of sand, in an hour glass
Steadily falling and waiting for my time to pass
Looking around at the structures in our society
Gang rivalries eyeing me, poachers hunting for ivory
Preachers preaching their piety, baby don’t fucking lie to me
Just because I’m smoking don’t really mean I’m too high to see
Past the looking glass, past a pretty face grinning and a fat ass
Past a president who’s claiming that he’s not the first class like an X-men prequel
Polls are steady dropping like charges on Beanie Siegel
I came to see the truth just a year ago
Open my third eye seeing all of the miracles
We’re destroying for money, it’s something that we created
Like Jesus, you don’t believe it, so why are they both saviors
One is in the long term, the other in the shorter one
Fight for your right to have them so either way you bought a gun
Now I don’t really hate on any belief – system
As long as you aint hating on mine, try to make me listen
To bible verses and passages, sadomasochist getting mad at this
You bastards is calculating the averages
I’m going to hell. Maybe I am
But the planet’s coming with me so all of us say god damn
7 billion people on a little rock
Only seven matter to me, that’s where the counting stops
Cause in seventy years, well after my coffin drops
7 billion people won’t even mention my name, not
Even a memory for the lyrics and melodies
Cause my spirit finally lifted, you dig it, set free
From the shackles, death is another part of life
Like living is part of death, and that’s the circle of…
Too easy, get a better metaphor
To let them head to Armageddon, I’m ready to set it off
No Jada Pinkett, or bitches sticking a bank vault
Take it laying down, so maybe it’s all the plank’s fault
Or we can blame it on video games, R rated movies
And physical pain, broads making doobies
Submitting to reefer madness, wrap it Glad bags
Part the whole reason our people are so savage
That’s what the reporters want you to think
They’re in bed with politicians and corporations throw in the kitchen sink
While shitting on the mass-es
With subliminal messages passing us by, like women running Pharcyde
We all right, it’s all wrong
Society is starting on its swan song
So mother fucker just wait a doggone minute
I’m fitting to kill’em all like villains gripping a sawed-off
Blasting, harassing all of status quo
Quoting Nikki, Ricky Ro, slip another Mickey
In the drinks of the ghetto, gett’em from the kitchen sink
Mix it making sugar water, now you’re belly’s on the brink
Of needing a needle, Diabetes, hypertension, be the seeds of the evil
Menu, can I get it super sized?
And another order of a chili mozzarella
Pizza chicken finger super duper loaded double trouble fries
Get it for a dollar, feed it to your offspring
Often, coughing, while needing to catch a breath
Did it because a clown in a magical talking box
Started talking all of this bull about his burgers be the best
It’s so ridiculous how our will is bending faster than a torn ligament
Figments of my imagination said that my pigment didn’t matter
Reality said it did
Ask me about it later, no fuck it, I plead the 5th
Shit, in this day and age this is what we do
Drink a brew or a mountain dew, Call of Duty too
Denying the truth, why are we even looking for proof
Instead we’re offing each other while claiming we got the juice
Twelve steps later we got addicted to television
Shows, saying they’re real, when really they’re a joke
Mimic the biggest frauds living, willing to get a job shilling
To all y’all who isn’t really a pawn spilling blood
For his master, card discovering all
Americans expressing their thoughts on the cause of
Credit indebted, regretting the betting of stocks
Regression recession pressure don’t lessen the only drop
Is our grip on the road of this slippery slope
Hope falling to the wayside, condemning all the gay pride
Dope in the vein, why, killing communities, no joke
Humans and humanity is borderline insanity
Whenever spoken together, my glass is half filled
Even though we get in our own way or stand still
Heroes emerging with purpose and vision saving
Us all, you say it’s Satan, I’m quoting the words of Carl Sagan
Everything we know and everything we’ve ever been
Every soldier, killer, king, every story mentioning
Captured within the lens of a telescope shot
Are the 7 billion people on a pale blue dot

Spoken Word Piece: Untitled

Photo Credit: Carmen Eisbär
Photo Credit: Carmen Eisbär

This is actually a verse from a song I wrote for my girlfriend’s birthday. Not quite spoken word, but I figured I’d still share it.

It’s been a minute and a half since I wanted to take a chance
Let’s dance in the rain
Or maybe lay under the sunrays forgetting what some say
Because right now is better than some day yo wait
Let our fingers intermingle, get familiar
I feel ya, I’m going all in, tell the dealer
Healer of the spirit painting smiles on my face
We could even slow it down like the flow on Ma-
Son Betha never ever start wishing for forever
Cause the clever heart knows that it changes with the weather
But right now all I see are clear skies
Reflected inside the eyes of a lady that I spy
Multiplied so I’m really floating on cloud nine hundred and 99
Ok I lied ‘cause you inspired this rhyme
That means, your beauty is so fly you caused creativity
Just from your energy entering me
Can I return the favor? Invade your inner walls, calling your name
Cause this moment is all we have, so let’s savor the pain
And pleasure and realize that they’re one and the same

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