The Gibbler Podcast: Episode 10 – Hissing Is the New Booing


This one’s a random episode, but if you can brave the jouney, the first 90 minutes is all Game of Thrones talk! Yup, we yammer on about hissing at mom, black and white cookies houses, Lannisters with no power, and Snow days. After that we talk movies and random television stuff. Enjoy!

Run Time: 2:45:41

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The Gibbler Podcast: Episode 8 – Chappie, The Walking Dead, and the Fate of the Next Alien Movie


This episode was supposed to come out last Friday, but I’m an admitted slacker. We discuss Chappie, Apple’s streaming service, the upcoming Alien move, and, of course, The Walking Dead. I also try to stump Chakktor with a game called… uh… “Stump Chakktor!” Trademarked. Enjoy!

Run Time: 1:29:57

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Previously: Episode 7 – HBO Now, Carol’s Cookies, and the Dickishness of Chevy Chase

The Gibbler Podcast: Episode 7 – HBO Now, Carol’s Cookies, and the Dickishness of Chevy Chase



Did you know Chevy Chase is a jerk? I sure didn’t. Does knowing that bout him change your opinion of him as an entertainer? We’ll get into that HBO Now, Dre’s possible favorite episode of this Walking Dead season, Better Call Saul, Community, and much more! Also, Dre continues his trend of awkward introductions despite Chakktor’s pleas to add intro and break music. But that would mean NOT editing this thing last minute. We can’t have that; our fellow prograstinators would be so disappointed.

Run Time: 1:47:08

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Previously: Episode 6 – Talking Marvel, The Walking Dead, and Better Call Saul

The Gibbler Podcast: Episode 6 – Talking Marvel, The Walking Dead, and Better Call Saul



Sweet baby Jeebus, The Gibbler Podcast is back with a mild vengeance! While that sentence was weirdly anti-climactic, this episode damn sure isn’t. We talk about the third Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, The Walking Dead, the greatness of Better Call Saul, the once greatness of Dexter, Hannibal, Fargo, and all types of randomness. Grab some em-effing popcorn and listen up! Now. DO IT! Please?

Run Time: 1:28:25

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Previously: Episode 5 – 2015 First Quarter Television Premiere Extravaganza!

The Gibbler Podcast: Episode 5 – 2015 First Quarter Television Premiere Extravaganza!

The Gibbler Podcast: Episode 5 - 2015 First Quarter Television Premiere Extravaganza!


Chakktor and I do the damn thing and start the new year off right by talking about our most anticipated shows premiering and returning from now until April. Sadly we also admit our curiosity went too far when The Bachelor and The Wendy Williams Show somehow killed the cat and possibly our souls. It’s a lengthy, but good one!

Run Time: 1:22:56

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