The Curious Case of the Successful Underacheiver


Okay, people. It’s time to get real again.

All the way real.

I am being honest when I say most of my life, I’ve found success giving maybe 50-60% effort. I’m serious and I know it may sound as if I’m full of myself.

I’m not.

But I also know I’m smart. I was a smart kid. It started off when my parents taught me math and English before I had to learn it in school. It wasn’t too hard. I was able to get it at a pretty early age. When I got to school and I was already ahead of everyone else, I learned a lesson that has been a running theme in my life: be smarter now so you can make more time to slack off.

Note that slacking off wasn’t necessarily about being lazy. It was more about doing things I loved doing. Y’know, reading, writing, drawing, being off in my own thoughts. Not homework.

Or… work in general.

So if I had a concentration in intelligence, it’d be the art of slacking off. I would keep myself smarter than most people, but I’d never actually really try to be number one. That was too much work. Top ten is a hell of a place to be in its own right, especially when you don’t actually care that much.

I know, I sound like I’m not a go-getter, but I totally am when I want to be. I’m just easily bored by traditional school and work. I guess that may be part of the ADD thing.

It wasn’t until I worked at my previous job when a fire was lit under my ass. At every job I had previously, I was always promoted quickly while giving only 60% effort. I was expecting the same thing here. Again, I know it sounds cocky, but I knew I was better than everyone on my team. I made sure of it because I wanted to be good enough to be asked to work on more interesting side projects. I set my goal to be smarter than the woman who trained me. The woman who couldn’t get the job I eventually did. You want to know how I got that job?

I gave 100%.

I gave 100% because I wasn’t promoted when I thought I should have been. Instead, my boss at the time put me on some BS two year plan to become a lead while he brought in some dude he knew to take the role.

Oh no he didn’t.

I was furious. That was the first time I experienced a situation where talent alone wasn’t enough to get by. After that I was on fire. I worked my ass off and eventually became the youngest Director at the time. Unfortunately, that was also the point when I began hating my job.

Er, disliking my job. I don’t want to be too hard on them. I found a lot of success there.

Now I’m back to my old ways, steadily finding success giving 60% and feeling far less stressed. Then a funny thing happened: I was checking my work email, eating chips because I was too lazy to buy actual groceries, thinking about what I’ve achieved so far this year compared to where I want to be once my fiancé and I are married.

Yeah… 60% ain’t cutting it.

So it’s time to use my brain and combine it with the drive to want to slack-off with my future wife. I’m putting this out there so I make sure there’s some level of accountability, even if no one else actually cares. I’m going at this 100%, especially since we’re not in the same country at the moment.

This also extends to how I’m treating my body and general health. I have to give myself props for how much effort I put into becoming mentally balanced. I owe it to myself to become physically balanced as well. Because a healthier me means a (hopefully) longer life with my fiancé, I’m going to go at that 100%.

Well, maybe 90%. I still like snacks and wine.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m special in any kind of way. I think there are many people out there who greater than the effort they put forth. Mostly because slacking off is awesome.

We both know it so let’s all stop pretending.

Still, there are moments in life where a person needs to have the discipline to go 100%. I’m in the midst of one of those moments now so it’s time to go hard. Not forever though. Sixty percent is my comfort zone long term.

Game time.

Peace out, party people.

Lessons from a New Self-Earner: 10 Steps for the Improvement of Project Execution

Photo Credit: Steven Depolo
Photo Credit: Steven Depolo

If you read my My Journey Toward Financial Freedom: Understanding Theory vs. Executing Steps post, you know I’m currently focused on the theory behind being a self-earner. The principles behind this can be applied to anything, at least in my opinion. These are all lessons I had to learn from either direct experiences or various mentors I’ve had throughout my life (Paul Hollister and Joe Lin).

Let’s talk about execution. I LOVE coming up with new ideas, hence my 100 Days/100 Ideas series. Unfortunately, ideas simply make for nice conversation and cloud talk without actual execution. It’s an obvious notion, but one that many people forget on their path to creating… anything.

My buddy Pat and I have come up with countless ideas that have gone nowhere. This basically happened because we discussed ideas to death rather than actually making moves.

But, Andre, how do I get out of that mentality?

Funny you should ask. It definitely isn’t easy. In fact, I had to go through a ridiculous number of failures before I actually realized this was a huge problem I have. Yes, I said “have.” It’s sort of like alcoholism; you’re never really cured, you just have to keep it in check. So here’s my own 10-step program to help potential self-earners get over the hump of being their own hindrance.

  1. Come to terms with why you aren’t executing your ideas. It’s tough for most people to be self starters for things they don’t like or are afraid to do. This is part of the reason why most jobs have bosses. A self-earner doesn’t have that luxury (or burden, depending on the side of the coin at which you’re looking). As such, this is something that plagues many folks. Some people have a natural ability to overcome this, but that’s certainly not the majority. I mean, if you didn’t have this issue, you probably wouldn’t be reading this post, right?You are not lazy.

    You are not stupid.

    You are simply a human being going against his/her natural instinct to only work when necessary.

    There’s nothing wrong with this. Accept it and embrace it. It’s who many of us are. Realizing this will make your life a hell of a lot easier as we go further.

  2. Take your idea and split it into 10 distinct checkpoints. Now that you have a better grasp on why you don’t execute ideas, let’s make your goal a bit more digestible. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by envisioning your idea as a single daunting task. Thinking of it as a ton of singular tasks is no less intimidating. Get off that train of thought ASAP.Try taking your idea and split it into 10 definable checkpoints. Why ten? Because it’s an easy number on which to latch. These checkpoints should be major milestones that specifically go toward the ultimate completion of a project or idea. Don’t forget to track the completion of these as they will be one of the motivators for your continued persistence.
  3. Prioritize your checkpoints. Some things need to get done before others.Duh.

    Prioritization is essential in execution because it keeps one from being mired in unimportant busy work. This is the same type of busy work that reinforces procrastination tendencies.

  4. Create small executable tasks to accomplish each checkpoint. Remember step two? Yeah, we’re applying that here. Why? Because a checkpoint is useless without executable tasks. These tasks should be small and manageable. A task should not be “sign up for social media sites.” That’s too vague and open for interpretation. Be concise and direct.Sign up for Twitter with X account name.

    Connect Facebook account with WordPress.

    These types of tasks are straightforward and don’t require much thought for completion. Also, they’ll help keep the forward momentum going. Simplicity is the key to increasing the the success of execution!

  5. Prioritize your smaller executable tasks. Notice a trend yet?
  6. Delegate tasks that you find difficulty in executing. Here’s the big reason why I love collaboration: it allows people to strengthen each other. Adding one or more people to a project can be seen as adding potential points of failure. But being the only person means you’re the only point of failure. Unless you’re perfect, this is a horrible model.Strategically work with those who compensate for the areas in which you are weaker. I, for example, am horrible when it comes to my knowledge of YouTube culture, though I want to venture further into it. My girlfriend is much more knowledgeable and has given me advice on how to move forward. Pat and I are separating work based on our respective strengths to accomplish a singular idea. Any areas where we are both weak will be outsourced. If you don’t have the means to outsource or you don’t have a viable partner/volunteer, that idea may not be the right one for you

    At least not right now. Timing is everything.

  7. Assign yourself daily executable work. I’m stealing this one from Tim Ferris. Your mornings should include a set of five or so executable tasks that go toward completing your ultimate goal, but do not take your entire day. This way you can make progress and not fall into procrastination. If you have a huge task that gobbles up all your time, you may lose motivation. And motivation is a precious commodity. It’s the fuel for execution, so don’t waste it.Don’t forget to track your daily tasks, even the ones you don’t complete. This way you will develop metrics on what you are able to successfully accomplish versus your shortcomings. Reevaluate the failures and just figure out how to get them done rather than giving up.
  8. Celebrate the achievement of checkpoints. Getting to a checkpoint is a big deal. It means you’re one major step closer to your ultimate goal. This isn’t just the completion of a task here. As such, you should reward yourself. Sure, the work isn’t totally done and it isn’t a reason to rest on your laurels, but if you don’t reward yourself, the work may become tedious because the actual completion then becomes the reward. That might feel far away. Even if the work itself is rewarding, why even risk discouragement or tedium?Go do something for all your hard work. If you’re collaborating or employing others, celebrate together. You deserve it.
  9. Find ways to efficiently complete repeatable tasks. Tasks that need to be done daily can quickly become rote, especially if they take a long time. Each week, question the efficiency of the completion of those tasks. Can the work be automated or outsourced? Is there a way to complete them in less time without sacrificing quality? This is the perfect time to do some reasearch on the internet and see if there are solutions or processes out there that will help in this endeavor.
  10. Ask yourself, “What could you do differently next time?” You may fail in executing an idea even if you try following these tips. Relax; old habits are hard to break. Just make sure you take something from that failure.What were your successes?

    What caused you to fail?

    What will you do differently next time?

    Be honest with yourself (it’s crazy how many people lie to themselves so their ego feels okay). Also, even if you haven’t failed, you can still take time to reflect and see what adjustments you would make to improve future projects.

Whew! That was a decent amount of information, but give it a shot! They helped me as I mature into a self-earner. I’m not saying this is the be-all, end-all o of advice, but I think it will help many folks that have ideas that never get completed. There will be more lessons in this series so stay tuned!

Peace out, party people.

Tracking My Progress: Week 7 – Becoming a Fulltime Writer


Well, would you look at this; Andre’s back to his blogging ways. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, if you follow my blog, you know that my girlfriend moved in from Sweden last week. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t soaking in every single moment possible. As a result, I stopped blogging as consistently.

But I’m back, baby!

Okay, first let me say that I didn’t do much to make progress toward my goals last week. Life gets in the way sometimes, right? But those are the things that make life worth living. Trying to make money is just a false necessity.

But I digress.

So let me tell you what I decided. I’m going to do everything I can to become a fulltime writer. It’s time to really test my mettle and create the life I’ve wanted for so long. My girlfriend being here is a hell of a motivation, for sure.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

So if you remember, I make about $47 a day from my part time gig. That’s not that much. Sure, that’s across seven days and I’m not counting any overtime, but you can see that’s not a ton of money. The rest of my cash is made in writing gigs.

I haven’t hit $100 a day yet. But what if I instead focus on increasing my current writing so I can cover $47 a day? I just thought of that while writing this.

Yes, folks, this is how I write. Total stream of consciousness.

I finally signed up for Scripted so I can start knocking out jobs. Some of these pay decently enough for me to reach my goal. I’m going to start on this as soon as I’m approved to write.

I applied to write for htpc Beginner as well. My articles do, of course, have to be approved. As such, I’m going to spend some time today searching the site and seeing what they don’t have. If at all possible I want to see which of their pages gets the highest hits. Is there a quick way to do that?

If anyone knows, let me know. Otherwise, I’ve got my buddy, Google, to help me out.

I love you, Google. Even when you punch my blog in the stomach.

There are a few other smaller gigs I have, but there’s no need to go into detail for those. Also, I’m not counting any work I do with TripleCurve as that money was more for the $100 goal, not this new $47 income replacement goal.

I think I fell into the same trap into which many writers fall when they try to acquire gigs: I sold myself short. There are higher paying gigs out there, but without a modicum of hustle, I’m never going to get there. I have to commit to this hardcore.

This also means a change to the way I’m going to push this blog.

Right now, I shoot links out to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ every time I publish a new post. I want to try something out. It’s a theory I have.

Some people who go to my blog check out more than one post. Other people only view the one I advertised. I’m going to throw in a few mini posts and not blast them on social media. I want to see how well they do. The reason for this is I want to increase my content, but I don’t want to alienate my audiences. Many of these people were following me before I began this blog so it’d be stupid to kill them with links like I’m some robot.

This tactic will also allow me to vary how I advertise. I need to figure out what tiles grab people’s attention more than others. My blog is a mix of subjects so I need to figure out if it’s worth it for me to keep this all under one blog or split topics into more focused blogs. Maybe that’ll result in more focused audiences.

We’ll see.

At the end of the day, I’m just trying to make a living doing what I love. I’m only being open about all of this because I know many other people share the same dream. Go for it.

Do it.


I’m waiting…

Well, whenever you decide to make that amazingly scary jump into working independently, let me know how I can help. I’m learning along the way so maybe you can take something from my successes and failures. After all, if a number of people have the same dream, why can’t they achieve it together?

Peace out, party people.

Throwback Writing: A Random Tuesday at Work


What’s going on, party people? I’m doing a bunch of laundry today and some last minute cleaning before I have to work in anticipation of my girlfriend’s arrival tomorrow. So today is another throwback piece. Enjoy!

Today is boring. There’s a ridiculously bad rainstorm battering baseball sized raindrops on the streets of New York today and I seem to be the only idiot who actually made it into the office today. Yay, me.

So… work. Yeah, I should probably do some of that. Yup.

Well, it’s still early. Let me check my email before digging into some real work.

Hmmm… Let’s see.




Ooh an email from my old boss. I wonder what this is all about.

hey andre! check out this funny video of this dog goin crazy after hearing a vuvuzela…  funny stuff… anyway hope you stayed in today… i hear roads are getting flooded. lets grab a beer sometime… later!

This guy must really hate capital letters. Well, that wasted all of – ugh – 4 minutes. Whatever. Back to work. Yup.

Man, it’s friggin’ quiet with no one here. I really need to stretch my legs. Maybe that’ll help me refocus. I’ll just walk a quick lap around the office.

That’s better. I needed to get on my feet for a bit. Ah, the vending machine! I should grab a snack. That might help too. Sure it’s 7:30am, but a snack will have to be my makeshift breakfast. Besides, there’s no one in the office to judge me anyway.

Sun Chips? No.

M&M’s? Meh.

Animal Crackers? What am I, a six-year-old starting his first day of kindergarten?

Aw shit! Reece’s Pieces! I knew there was a hidden treasure in here somewhere. Ok, selection B-4…

Damn it. I pressed 5 accidentally. Now I have… a Nutrigrain Bar?

Fuck. That.

That sounds too healthy to be coming out of a machine that serves snacks for under a dollar. I want some Reece’s Pieces. Let’s try this again. B-4. Candy coated peanut butter goodness is only a few seconds…

Son of a bitch.

It’s stuck. We’ll I’ve been going to the gym just for this precise occurrence. Time to rock the hell out of this bad boy.

One. Two. Three. Push!

One. Two. Three. Push!

How can one bag of candy be so stubborn? Ok, maybe brute force isn’t the answer. How about this: The animal crackers are right above my prized candy. What I’ll do is buy the crackers and they’ll subsequently knock down my Reece’s Pieces. It’s fool proof.

Son. Of. A. BITCH.

Ok, Plan C. There’s a five-pack of Oreos above the animal crackers which are now stuck on the precariously perched Reece’s Pieces. If I buy that it should be heavy enough to topple both of the snack items below it. This HAS to work; I’m down to my last single.

Yes! It took nearly four dollars, but I did it. So this is what it feels like to be a genius. Funnily enough, genius feels just like gluttony.

Ok, I should really head back to my desk. But with all these snacks I need something to drink. A parched throat could really ruin my productivity. Er… once I start doing something productive, that is. I’ll head to the pantry for a beverage.

Coffee? Nah.

Water? That’s doable.

Milk. Milk…? Milk! Not only am I a genius at solving vending machine puzzles, but I think I may possibly be an inventor as well! I’m going to make cereal out of this. A Reece’s Pieces, Oreo and animal cracker cereal. Screw this Nutrigrain crap. I sound like a pothead. A genius pothead. Wait, is that redundant? Probably in Amsterdam.

Bowl? Check.

Spoon? Check?

Ok, let’s make this happen. I don’t want it to get soggy too quickly so I’ll pour the milk and eat while at my desk. It’ll be good to get back though as I don’t want to waste too much of this day. With the office this dead one would expect me to get more work done.

Walking around the office all I see are dark offices. Man, even our Director took the day off. I can’t remember the last time I saw his office unoccupied. It’d be nice to be in his position. Awesome pay. Travel expenses paid. A huge office overlooking Park Avenue. An… awesome place to eat a new cereal invention.

Leather chair? Nice. His desk is ridiculously oversized too. I think I’ll kick my feet up, eat my breakfast and watch the rain as it continues to pummel the streets below. Quiet simplicity.

So… peaceful…

‘Hey, buddy.’

‘Wh- what?’ A security guard is looming over me as I slowly recover from an impromptu nap, my feet still propped up on the desk in front of me.

‘I’m assuming this isn’t your office.’

‘Er… no. I came in here earlier to take a break and watch the rain. I guess I dozed off.’

‘Right. I guess we’re the only chumps who actually made it in today.’

‘I guess.’ This guy is being oddly casual with me. ‘So… I suppose I’ll head back to my desk.’

‘The rain is something, eh? Makes me think of my time in Venezuela.’

‘Me too… uh, I guess.’

‘Think with all this rain we’ll eventually see a giant rainbow?’

‘Uh… What?’

‘I’m just fuckin’ with you, buddy. It’s about 2pm so if you have shit to do, do it soon. We’ve actually been given the ok to close the building early today due to all the flooding. You have about an hour or so.’

‘Two o’clock? Nah, I think I’ll head out. Thanks man, I know I shouldn’t have been in here.’

‘No biggie. We all like to pretend sometimes, right? Take it easy, boss man.’

‘Right. Later.’

Well, that was a pointless day. I think I’ll go home and write about it.

Throwback Writing: Monkey See, Monkey Do


Every so often, out of the kindness of this supposed heart of mine, I go out and purchase some random treats for the members of my team at work. These treats usually consist of various different candies and sweets. I find that this acts as a nice morale booster. And as an added bonus, it gives me hope that a steady influx of candy will slowly kill them over time due to heightened glucose levels.

Take that, ineptitude!

I kid, I kid.

Sort of.

Anyone who has been to Manhattan can attest to the fact that there are Duane Reade stores on every other block. It spreads somewhat like this thing called cancer I read about once upon a time. Unfortunately, cancer doesn’t offer such convenient shopping opportunities in ideal locations. Nor can I get candy from cancer. At least I don’t think so. I’ll have to consult with my doctor on that one.

Wow, I tend to go off on tangents, don’t I?

So today I decided to visit the Duane Reade across the street from my office building to acquire some diabetes-inducing snacks. Once I selected a decent variety of chocolates and snack packs I make my way to the cashiers only to find a line longer than the Trail of Tears (It’s only a matter of time before I offend someone reading this). There are at least 25-30 people muttering complaints under their breaths and impatiently shifting their body weight from one foot to the other. I then look at the cashiers and observe the brightly colored signs that are posted at each register stating ‘PLEASE FORM A LINE AT EACH REGISTER.’

Without a further moment’s hesitation I bypass the snaking line of customers and head right for the next open register. Behind me I catch hints of protest and profanity, but sure enough others join me and begin to form lines at each register. I couldn’t help but grin as I imagined each person exclaiming “I am Spartacus!” as they left the line they were once a part of.

Let a dork have his moment, ok?

Join me in putting the pieces to this puzzle together. We have multiple available cashiers. At each cash register there is a sign informing customers that patrons should form lines at each open register. However, everyone congregates in a single line regardless of the obvious instructions regarding line formations. What went wrong?

Most people suck at being individuals.

I’ve seen this happen a few times before, but let’s practice consistency and continue with the Duane Reade scenario. Let’s say a person is waiting for a register to open up. He’s standing there patiently. Cradled in his arms are several cans of energy drinks, some tube socks and baby oil. He’s in for an interesting night, I’m sure. Person 2 approaches and notices Person 1, but doesn’t take notice of the sign indicating the formation of separate lines so she takes position behind our Red Bull consuming friend. Person 3 is ready to checkout and notices both the line and the sign. He seems a bit torn because the sign is telling him one thing, but people are doing another. Why rock the boat? Everyone else is waiting in one line so that must be the right thing to do.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

You may be saying to yourself, “What’s the big deal? It’s just a line.”

To that I say, “Shut up, stupid.”

I kid, I kid.

Sort of.

Yes, this is a minor example, but this is also indicative of how people tend to veer away from being free thinkers. Of course I understand that, realistically, humans are a community-based species. With this comes the desire to belong and an instinct to adhere to socially accepted behavior. I totally get that, but I also believe in moderation. If I were to label you a blind follower, would you take that as a compliment?

There’s a risk of non-acceptance when being an individual. Regardless of what most people say, we have an innate fear of not being one with the “tribe.”  I may be talking out of my ass here, but my limited knowledge tells me that if we’re social creatures, we will, at times, throw logic to the wayside in order to voluntarily assimilate ourselves.

It’s easier to belong I suppose.

So where is the balance stricken? Conformity isn’t always a bad thing – regardless of how down on it I may seem. Conformity helps us to find some common ground. I suppose, as with anything, moderation is key (a running theme in this book). Is it possible to conform and be an individual simultaneously?


Is it easy?

Probably not. Not for everyone at least. But when is any change worth making in your life ever truly cut and dry?

Underwear, I suppose.

Today I went to Duane Reade to pick up some candy. As I approached a line of customers longer than the Trail of… well, you know… I spoke to every other person I walked past and let them know they could form a line at each open register. They thanked me and eventually everyone else followed suit.

Sometimes all the tribe needs is an individual to stand up.

Peace out, party people.

Tracking My Progress: Week 4 – Side Projects

Holy crap today is cold compared to this time last week. Anyway, happy Sunday! Let’s get right to it shall we?

I totally didn’t make $100 per day as I intended (I made $70).

Womp, womp.

I’m starting to realize why this is: I simply have more passion for my side projects and, therefore, spend more time on them.

PRO TIP: As a person, you should always be aware of your tendencies in situations rather than just feeding into them. I’ve realized more tendencies about myself in the last five months than I ever have before. I just try to separate who I am from the tendency and figure out how to use it as an advantage rather than a hindrance. EVERYTHING has a positive side.

So this week I’m going to focus on side projects. We already know my daily goal (which I plan on increasing to $200 per day once I achieve it) so let’s explore some projects that may potentially be money earners.

PRO TIP: Collaborate. I have a lot of ideas, but I can only do so much on my own. Collaboration is key for execution and refinement of ideas.

Self-Publishing – Without a doubt, this makes the most sense in terms of earning money because I do it all the time anyway. If you’re a writer, take the time to just publish something for Amazon Kindle, even if it’s just as a test. Familiarize yourself with the process. I did no research and was able to publish a test book in a day. If you want to increase the likelihood of people finding your book, ditch the creative title for one that let’s potential readers know what your book is all about. In other words, SEO is key.

PRO TIP: Romance and sex novels are some of the most successful on Kindle. Some authors have based an entire career on this. It’s not my forte so feel free to run with that information. This method also motivates me to write more often because I know there is a secondary purpose.

PRO-TIP: There are certain blog posts that will make it into books I’m writing. I’m talking to all you bloggers out there: DO THIS! It’s easy because you’re kind of already doing it.

T-Shirts – A buddy of mine and I are working on producing a line of t-shirts to sell on the internet. I’m not quite going to reveal what they’re all about because I think the idea is brilliant, but as far as products go, this is one that doesn’t require too much knowledge and overhead to get started. The biggest components are the designs and the shirt supply.

PRO TIP: I only take on projects that play to my strengths and embody the things in which I am passionate. You can sell products two ways: as a means of simply making money or as a means of sharing who you are. I choose the latter because it reinforces my passion and helps me see an idea through to the end.

Hosted Service Reseller – The company for which I work part-time provides hosted Exchange services. This also includes email protection, archiving, voice services, SharePoint, and more. I’m not trying to advertise them at all, but as someone who comes from an IT background, I find it crazy that I’m not doing what most of our clients are doing.

A number of our clients provide IT support to a couple small businesses and also resell these hosted services. This is all super doable. Finding clients is the hardest part.

Alright, wish me luck.

Or don’t. Either way motivates me, to be honest.

But I wish you all luck regardless of your path. Just make the most out of the present and be the best version of you possible. Could it really be so simple?

It is.

Peace out, party people.

My Journey Toward Financial Freedom – Planning Stage


Ohhhhh man, I’m pretty excited. My girlfriend is moving in with me in three weeks. All the way from Sweden no less. This means I have to get my act together and start making some real moves.

So here’s what I’m looking into this week:

  1. Cancelling my car insurance
  2. Selling my car
  3. Cashing in shares I have with my old employer

With those out of the way, my current major expenses will be down to the following:

  1. Rent – $1200
  2. School Loans – $1100
  3. Electricity/Gas – $150 (over-estimation)
  4. Internet – $75

So with this, you see how earning $100 a day (my current goal) is enough to cover my bills.

If not, you suck at math.

But why the hell am I paying so much for rent when I could start on my nomadic lifestyle now? Well, I have a few things I need procure first:

  1. New Laptop – Can’t work remotely without it.
  2. PO Box – If I’m going to be taking on the life of a nomad, I need a place to send my mail.
  3. Storage – I might be able to get away with storing some of my stuff at my parents’ place. If not, I’m just going to invest in storage.
  4. Home Base – This would be a place, most likely in the US, that I plan to keep rented while I’m out and about in the world. Colorado and Arizona seem like affordable options.
  5. Updated Passport – Duh.

All of this is great, but $100 a day isn’t going to cut it. The laptop is priority because I won’t be able to work on-the-go otherwise. The passport is obviously the next priority. Everything else is optional.

That said, this is just my goal. Life has a funny way of guiding one’s journey despite their ambitions so I’m not going to fight whatever comes my way. If I stay in the US longer than intended, so be it.

I’m still going to do it on my terms.

Final Thought: My friend Fallon had an idea about taking a tour of the US by train. How awesome of an idea is that? I may just steal it.

Peace out, party people.