Positivity of the Week – The Answer of Love

Photo Credit: Benurs
Photo Credit: Benurs

Why do we need love? Why does it exist? Plenty of animals exist that don’t show this notion of love (as far as we can tell), so why do we need it? Well, though we may not need it, we have it and, if used properly, it can be the remedy for all things. Think about this seriously. Love would stop all wars. It would stop inequality.



People who love each other wouldn’t love money enough to know poor people exist at the expense of that greed.

People who love each other respect the fact that everyone’s belief system is valid as long it does not hurt others.

What other emotion can do all that?

But we don’t use it more. Why? Such a powerful solution in a world of men and women searching for answers. In a world where some people chose hate, fear, anger, jealousy… things that never bring us answers.

I’m not even asking you to think with your heart; approach it logically instead. Love creates happiness, empathy, and builds trust. Those other emotions don’t; they only hinder. So despite where we are as a society now, if more of us chose love at all levels, we’d resolve many of our issues.

What are you going to choose?

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Spoken Word Piece: The Unlearning of One

Photo Credit: Jayel Aheram
Photo Credit: Jayel Aheram

One hand, two fingers
One heart that lingers
And longs for one song
One voice as 7 billion people sing along
One right, one wrong
Two sides, one life
To decide if I
Am one man, one soul
Am I the part or the whole?
One second, one breath
Let me catch it for a minute
One death, what’s next
One impossible mission
Ten toes to the earth
Third eye to the heavens
One soul on the dirt
But beyond we’re all brethren
One you, one me
One us, one we
One planet, one everything
One possibility, one anything
One present, right now, one second
One moment to feel blessed
See, we’re all the collective
One and many, but many can be one
But when can one be one instead of many?
If one thing is comprised of many things
One you instead of many organs
Many atoms, what does it matter?
Well, we choose one view
The individual or group
A brother or an enemy
So when are we you and me
Instead of an or in between us
One war, many defeated
See the dead are a collective too
But they don’t care about me and you
It’s the goddamn truth
We’re each locked in one box of “me”
And the box is who we pretend to be
We don’t pretend to be we, we pretend to be me
Because when the box is removed, it is clear we are we
Now what logical reason wouldn’t we all want peace?
All I need is one answer, please.

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Positivity of the Week – Everything Will Be Okay

Photo Credit: John Willis
Photo Credit: John Willis

I had a phone conversation with a friend of mine on Friday.

Remember those?

She’s at a crossroads in her life where she is conflicted between following a passion and working purely for money. On top of that, she’s trying to pick a particular passion on which to focus. I know how tough this is because I was there myself.

Here’s the thing: we have little to no control over our decisions. Sure, it feels like we do, but our actions are a product of our experiences. Think about it; would you think the way you do now if had a different life? Different parents? Different friends.

So on and so forth.

What you do have control over is how you view your choices and situation. Do you want to be positive or negative? Your current choice will still be the same, but your state of mind will lead you to either more positivity or more negativity. Otherwise, all we know is that one day we won’t exist in our current physical forms. This is the case if you believe in reincarnation, heaven, or nothingness after death. What does that mean?

Everything will be okay.

No matter how hard you try, your life will be your life and you are driven forward by your experiences. One day you won’t. It’s easier said than done, but what’s the point of having a whole inner struggle about it? The same thing will happen at the end of the day: you will make a choice and your life will continue accordingly. That choice might suck and it could be “bad”, but you’ll never know until you make it. But at the end of the day, all you can do is enjoy the ride an, hopefully, maintain a positive outlook.

Otherwise life might just be that much more of a downer if you don’t.

Have a great week, party people!

Spoken Word Piece: Self

Photo Credit: Eugenio Siri
Photo Credit: Eugenio Siri

Down the river of thoughts many of us fail to see
Blocked by the concept of the me
The self, the ego
The illusion we fall prey to everyday
Along this river are wants and desires
The fire of physical passion, regrets and fears that shatter facades
Glass houses demolished
Anger and rage, whose opinion is better
And the will to live forever
Why? Because of the I, the self
The river of self wants to be selfish
But what would that river be if it was selfless instead
Because the self only wants and thinks this world is
Revolving around it, when the self can’t recognize a world without it
You are not it, and it is not you
You are not a you because that illusion of the river
It tells you every day is the idea of separation
We are all one, don’t believe me? Then I’ll prove it
Just look at what we’re made of, particles and molecules
And so is everything else
Because, most of matter is filled with empty space
Nothing distinguishing where one thing begins and another ends
So where do you begin and where do you end
Where? When was your first thought?
Do you know? Could you tell me?
But you think your thoughts are you. Why? Tell me.
If your thoughts are you then why can’t you remember your first one?
Tell me why? Why? Because you are not your thoughts
You never were, it’s just an illusion of the river
You are we and we are one, estranged family members in a universe of perception
Yes, this world is just a construct of the mind
Not just the world, the universe and the illusion of you and I
And when the eye is removed from the equation all those fears
Regrets, opinions, thoughts on what’s right or wrong are all gone
And what you have is peace and the feeling of we and not a you
We’re connected by energy, we are every possibility
We are brothers and sisters every living thing, consciousness is key
You don’t need to heed my words, but for the very first time
I see through the lie, may we all go in peace

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Positivity of the Week: The Perspective of You


You’re not special. And yet you’re incredibly special at the same time.

How’s this possible?

Well, in the grand scheme of things, you’re sort of a nobody. No matter how important you think you are, the universe was fine without you and will continue to exist well after your physical form has perished. Your opinions, possessions, everything you love and hate. None of it matters.


But you know what does makes you special? No one will ever know what your experience is. Only you know. Even the person who knows you the most in this world can never know you 100%. Therefore, your version of reality is unique to you and only you. This version of reality is your experience and it’s the only thing you truly own in this world.

So I suppose you are not special, but your experience is.

As such, why not make your experience as great as it can be? Why make your experience sad or mediocre (unless that’s what you want, of course)? Why not make the most out of this silly little thing we call life? Why waste your experience on negativity and pain? I’m not saying you have to be a certain way. I’m just saying, if your experience is all you have, it might be worth a try to make it as amazing as possible.

Have a great week, party people.

Lessons from a New Self-Earner: The Power of Persistence (and the Things that Inhibit It)

Photo Credit: David Melchor Diaz
Photo Credit: David Melchor Diaz

The previous lesson I wrote focused on execution. This time around, I’m going to start with something more obvious: persistence is key to ensuring the completion of any project.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the purpose of these posts isn’t to to feed you some blurbs of what should be done. This is to expose why you and I don’t do these things and why they impact potential for success.

So we know being persistent is important to being a self-earner. Then what prevents persistence?

  1. Confidence – Have you ever felt like a fraud or an impostor? Have you at any point felt as though you were not truly prepared or worthy of a certain job or task? Maybe you felt as if you were one slip up away from being exposed.Face it; you’re just not good enough.Don’t feel ashamed to admit you’ve felt any of this. It’s called Impostor Syndrome and many people experience it at least once in their life. Don’t address this by simply telling yourself you’re awesome…

    Although it feels really satisfying. You should totally try it sometime.

    …Increase your odds of success by focusing on ideas that cater to your strengths. Try this tactic for one of your first ideas. It’ll lessen the chances of you giving up while you simultaneously gain more confidence in your general ability to execute ideas.Also, remember you’re not alone here. Many people go through this and they succeed just fine. Are you going to let them (or me) outdo you? Why? Don’t you want this? Who cares if you’re not “good enough?”

    Why am I asking these questions for you? You don’t need to have confidence to the point of hubris, but just remember those thoughts are just thoughts and not reality. But if you keep painting with that same brush of gloom and doom, you’re sure to lack faith in your abilities.

  2. Failure – This can fall into the confidence category, but pessimism has a ton to do with an inability to push past failure as well.Boo hoo.Failure happens! Anyone who says they’ve never failed is either deluded or they’ve had an exceedingly easy life. The thing is, some people push past failure while others don’t Are you the former or latter?There was a time in my youth when I found it difficult to approach women. I had a couple instances where I crashed and burned hard so I stopped trying as much. Instead of learning from my mistakes (and realizing I can’t guarantee success, just maximize my chances) I slowly became less persistent. Guess what. That didn’t get me any closer to finding Ms. Right either. In fact, I noticed I was getting increasingly frustrated with myself because I thought about what I could be doing instead of just doing it. Thankfully I smartened up and learned from those past failures.

    How badly do you want this? Bad enough to learn from a failure instead of giving up? If failure is too much for you to bear, continue with your 9-5 job. FAILURE WILL HAPPEN AS A SELF-EARNER. There’s no two ways about it. Learn from them and make your failures manageable.Or give up. There’s no shame in that. If there is, it’s only because you know what you could be doing something instead of just doing it.

  3. Monotony – Some people thrive on routine. I am, in no way, one of those people. I get bored extremely easily…Thanks, ADD….and I tend to only be consistent with work that I truly enjoy. As such, I do a few things to break up the monotony.

    Create a Game: This is somewhat cliche, but it totally works for me. I’ll assign points to certain tasks to see how many I can accumulate by the end of the day. I may also compete with another person I know who is doing similar work. Whoa, healthy competition? What a novel idea!

    Schedule Undesirable Work: If you know you only have to do the tasks you don’t like during a certain time, it can help to make them more bearable. However, monotony sets in much more quickly on rote tasks that are performed often. Schedule it out. If you have the means, outsource it so you don’t have to deal with it at all.Regularly Try Something New: Do it! Firstly, you never know when you might discover a new passion. Secondly, new things are awesome! Bi-weekly should be enough, but if you have severe attention span issues like I do, once a week will do the job just fine.

    Work with People Whenever Possible: Monotony sets in much more quickly when you’re working alone. If you have the option to collaborate and cooperate, do so. Not only will it help to keep things fresh, but it will also give more opportunities to share ideas and thoughts.

  4. You – How well do you know yourself? More importantly, how honest are you with yourself? If “100 percent” isn’t your answer to both of those questions, you risk your chances of seeing an idea/project through to the end. Are you lazy? Do you learn best from lecture or hand-on experience? Do you actually want to become a self-earner or does it feel like a pipe dream? Ensure your knowledge of self and don’t fall into self-delusion. I personally listen to some very open people in my life who aren’t afraid to be totally honest with me. Their perspectives help to build my own.

    In any case, learning why I do things was an essential part of maximizing my potential. Hell, I feel as if I’m still learning new things to this very day.

I hope some of this is helpful to anyone reading this. Give these a shot if they make sense; they certainly helped me. But for now…

Peace out, party people.

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